Shereign was born out of an endless passion towards music and an unyielding determination to make the rock’n roll dream come true. This charismatic rock act from Finland is a strong coalition formed by the members of Fear of Domination and Black Light Discipline. Shereign has successfully created it’s own sound by combining strong lead guitar melodies with groovy riffs that build an empowering and driving atmosphere. In addition to this, the “little extra” comes from the female vocals that can change from soft tender melodies to face punching full distorted grunts in a heartbeat. The music really has a soul of its own.

After being founded in 2015, Shereign has now reached its final form. “Shereign will be the force that knocks down doors and makes people go haywire!”, Joonas describes the band. More than 15 years of musical experience, numerous live shows and hundreds of composed songs have truly made the vision clear for this band. The goal is to have a professional and long-term career as an active live band. “It’s quite weird that such a positive spirited band sounds this melancholic – in a good way”, Timo adds.

Shereign has been composing material over 5 years and is now looking for a record label and a booking agency to get this show on the road! “We all have our minds set on making this band sound and look good both in studio and live.”, Sara tops up.
Shereign is a daring step towards a new world of rock. Long May Shereign!

Sara Strömmer – Vocals
Joonas Pulkkinen – Guitar
Timo Pönni – Guitar
Jani Rissanen – Bass
Miikki Kunttu – Drums

Gigs, tours and tour agent:


In Finland:
Rowan Rafferty,
tel: +358 (0)50 585 7300
e-mail: rowan(at)

Rest of the world:
Our goal is to find a booking agent abroad to have the best deals and opportunities for showcases and tours.